Parsons Platform: Energy optimization.

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Put the power of data analytics to work for you! Become a member of the Parsons Platform Network (PPN).

As a Member you receive:

  • Full access and benefits of the online energy monitoring platform known as the Parsons Platform
  • Monthly reports from a PPN Building Systems Analyst that will identify opportunities for more savings, avoid costly repairs or replacements and assess the overall health of the energy systems within your portfolio
  • The opportunity to share and receive outcome data and findings among other PPN members that will increase your understanding and knowledge of building system design and performance
  • The opportunity to use knowledge base among members to support the creation of best practices and influence energy policy

The "Parsons Platform" is a cloud-based data collection and monitoring system for energy related investments. The Platform uses hardware installed within mechanical rooms to acquire energy related data from building management systems, HVAC components, electrical panels and other IP devices. The data is used to create visual dashboards that use predictive analytics to optimize building energy performance.

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Overall development philosophy

The Parsons Platform isn't "building automation," but an interpretative tool that allows for optimization of available resources by proving that the building automation system is actually controlling the mechanical systems as designed, once a building is occupied.

The operating interface is informative, intuitive and user-friendly and can be accessed across all modern devices including desktop browsers, tablets and smartphones.

The PP measures energy consumption and utilization indicators in real-time, constantly aggregating trends so you can make meaningful adjustments within your buildings' systems to save energy and money.

Our typical installation monitors:

  • Electricity fed from the grid into the property;
  • Fuel consumed in the production of heat (or cooling) to the property;
  • Fuel used in the generation of domestic hot water (DHW);
  • Water consumed by the property; and
  • High-level operational diagnostics and key performance indicators of specific mechanical systems

Take a look at just some of what you'll get

Here are just a handful of charts and tables generated by the Parsons Platform:

Sample chart
Sample chart
Sample chart
Sample chart
Sample chart
Sample chart